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The Ginkgo Hut


The Ginkgo hut is our treatment room and has been lovingly built by myself and my partner Emme using reclaimed wood and metal from the old barn that originally stood on the land.  The interior has a cosy rustic feel, with beautifully aged timber and an abundance of natural light.


The space is very peaceful, regularly cleared energetically and the connection with the earth and nature is very apparent .


The Land

We have three acres of beautiful meadow at the end of an unmade track on the outskirts of Gurnard village. We are completely off grid enjoying the power of the sun, collecting the rain and composting all of our waste!

The therapy room looks out over a growing lavender garden, newly planted woodland and well established coppicing willow. Our two shetland ponies are roaming around, along with our border collie Shiloh and the huge sky offers an impressive backdrop for all the swallows, starlings and amazing sunsets. 

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